A busy start to 2016


The month of January is always a busy time for us due to the start of the maintenance period for both commercial vessels and yachts. Our in house engine rebuild schedule is particularly busy with 5 engines in simultaneous build with 3 more in preparation stage.

The engines currently in build are (from left to right on the aerial photo):

– Gardner 2LW being built for a small Launch.
– Gardner 6LXB being built for a new build vessel
– Gardner 8LXB being built for a fishing vessel on a service exchange basis
– Gardner 8L3 completed and tested for a Locomotive
– Gardner 6LW in final stage after test for a bus restoration
– Gardner 6LX in preparation stage for a sailing yacht

The 6LX engine is having a custom paint finish in deep Gardner red, and when contrasted against the highly polished alumminium we think will look rather beautiful. Perfect, as it is a major feature of the clients aft cabin…