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About Gardner Marine Diesels

Gardner Marine Diesels brings together Gardner engines, original factory machinery and processes, skilled and dedicated engineers and full spare parts capabilities, most of which were lost when L.Gardner & Sons ceased engine production in 1995.

We are committed to the true values of the Gardner engine – efficiency, durability and refinement – and we carry these values through to every bolt we tighten on every engine we touch. We have the capability of servicing, overhauling and advising on every Gardner engine ever produced, backed up by our technical database, parts availability and experience.

Although we specialise in the marine industry, we are more than happy to deal with Gardner engines in industrial, automotive or locomotive applications.

Our key attributes:

We specialise in marine applications
Not only do we understand the Gardner engines themselves, but we also appreciate the interaction between them and all the other onboard systems and equipment. Very often when problems occur, they do so in the connections between various systems rather than simply being located in one or the other. We support the whole engine room environment and not just the engines.

We support our clients internationally
Clients using our services can rely on support from us, wherever they are in the world. For example so far this year (as of September 2014) we have attended to vessels in 11 different countries on four continents.

We are a young and dynamic business
Our team of both young and experienced engineers have exactly the right blend of expertise, energy and enthusiasm and are committed to excellence in traditional engineering.

Visit our Works
Our works can be visited by appointment only. If you do wish to have a tour of our facilities, please contact us and we would be delighted to show you around.