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Gardner 6LYTi Rebuild in Mallorca

We were asked to visit a yacht in Mallorca and given reports that there had been a main engine failure. The engines installed were a pair of Gardner 6LYTi engines, the LG400 series, some of the last engines produced by the Gardner factory and certainly the last engines designed.

There had been some work done to the starboard engine shortly before the failure and due to the complexities of the 6LYTi and specific modifications required to give long lasting service, it was assumed the recent work was the cause of the issue.

When we visited, we confirmed there had certainly been a major failure, to say the least.

We were contracted to completely overhaul the engine to zero hours condition, as when the engine failed it filled with water and continued to run.

We undertook a full overhaul, returning all parts to our UK works to overhaul to factory standard, we had 6 new piston assemblies manufactured for this job and rebuilt the engine shortly after. Certainly a difference from start to finish. And as every modification bulletin was followed, we are now confident that the engine will give lasting, trouble free service as you would expect from a Gardner engine.