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Maintenance Contracts

At Gardner Marine Diesels we realise that specialist servicing and parts supply for the Gardner engine is becoming increasingly hard to find locally, so we are offering a service contract to allow vessels to continue service with the peace of mind that parts and expert service are at hand.

Some of the benefits include:

The service contract allows us to maintain your engines to the highest standard, whilst giving you the security that your engines will be reliable for the current season and kept that way for the life of the vessel. Regular servicing and maintenance will also reduce the risk of unexpected large repair costs, and allow for a controllable budget to be produced.

We are involved with Gardner powered yachts totalling in excess of £40 million worldwide, making us the only professional option to look after your Gardner engine.

Maintenance contracts vary for each vessel and engine model, so for more information or for a estimate of costs, please complete the form below and we will reply shortly:

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