On-Site Twin 8L3 Engine Overhaul in Italy

After a recent full refit of classic yacht Destiny in Sanremo, Italy, we were called in to bring the standard of the main engines and gearboxes up to that of the rest of the vessel.

The engines are a handed pair Gardner 8L3 engines with Gardner 3UC gearboxes, and installed in the Camper & Nicholson Built vessel in 1958. The overhaul of the engines involved us removing over 3000kgs of parts from both engines, including all 16 cylinder heads, 8 blocks, 16 cylinder liners, 2 fuel pumps and all pipework, together with one complete gearbox and one reducing gear.

All of the parts were removed carefully through the engine hatch and off the aft of the vessel. Everything was shipped back to our UK works, overhauled and then returned to the vessel for refitting and testing. Sea trials were completed on time and within the original budget. And we enjoyed spending Christmas in Sanremo…

Here is to another 60 years good service.