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Sunken 8L3B Engine Re-installed

After a very unexpected call earlier in the year from one of our clients explaining that his yacht had sunk, it was a race against time to try to save the single Gardner 8L3B from deteriorating any further due to sea water ingress.

The vessel, named “Ada Hardy” from Sydney, Australia, was half way through a round the world voyage and was in Barcelona, Spain when the incident happened after being launched by a local boatyard.

Due to the complete submersion of the engine, it was vital the the engine be stripped completely to remove any traces of water and restore the engine back to its original condition. Due to the scale of the work involved, and the small space in the engine room, it was recommended by us that the engine be removed from the vessel and returned to our works in the UK to strip and rebuilt.

Although the deckhead of the engine room could be cut out, the forward bulkhead of the saloon above could not be cut out fully, so the engine had to be partially stripped in order to remove it from the vessel.

We attended the vessel in Barcelona to remove the cylinder heads and cylinder block studs, flywheel and flywheel housing so the engine could be craned out.

On return to the UK, the engine was completely stripped, all parts overhauled including full crankshaft re-grind, before rebuilding the engine. We then full load tested the engine on our test bed before having to once again remove the newly installed cylinder heads ready for installation back into the vessel.

When the engine arrived on site in Barcelona, we flew down to meet it and once lowered into the engine room rebuilt the remaining parts before a full sea trial.

Her next stop is Gibraltar before continuing up to Northern Europe, Iceland, Greenland and beyond.

Hopefully keeping the water on the outside of the hull…

The engine just after being submersed in sea water:

Water damage to the internals of the engine:


The floor dismantled ready for removal:

Being restored and tested in our UK Works:



The engine safely back in the vessel: