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Workshop Engine Overhaul

Workshop engine overhauls offer the best of both quality and economy. Our full workshop overhaul facilities in the South of England allow us to undertake every aspect of the overhaul in house.

Every engine that comes to us for overhaul is stripped of every single component, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt to original specification. Some of the processes we undertake on every engine, in house, are listed below:

Please have a look through Our Facilities page for more information.

Every original manufacturer’s tolerance is adhered to, and parts that cannot be restored to Gardner specifications are replaced with genuine Gardner parts. Critical wear parts such as pistons, rings, bearings, bushings, seals and gaskets are replaced with new genuine Gardner parts every time.

Before dispatch, the engine is full power dynamometer tested, allowing us to monitor fuel consumption, oil usage and final power output.

It is our strong belief that you cannot rebuild a Gardner engine to true zero hour state without undertaking every procedure in its fullness on every engine. Please organise a visit to our works before having your engine overhauled and the difference will be clear.